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Blagnac,  08 April 2014

Airbus is exhibiting an ACJ319 corporate jet at ABACE (1), demonstrating the the widest and tallest cabin of any business jet to the important Asian market. The aircraft on display, which is operated on VVIP charters by Comlux, is being shown for the first time at ABACE.

Corporate jets such as the Airbus ACJ319 are used as business tools by companies, individuals and governments, enabling them to be more productive. They are an important contributor to economic growth, helping companies to grow faster and more profitably.

“Commercial aviation is one of the greatest business enablers, bringing people together quickly and efficiently in a way that stimulates economic growth while helping to improve everyone’s lifestyles,” points out Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers, John Leahy. “When it comes to business aviation, corporate jets such as the Airbus ACJ319 play a similar role, helping leaders to make deals that benefit communities, as well as the companies and organisations for which they work,” he adds.

Around 20 Airbus corporate jets are already in service in China, where their modern designs and ability to carry larger groups gives them an edge at the top end of the market. Airbus corporate jets also serve many other Asia-Pacific customers.

Airbus corporate jets have all the benefits of the company’s worldwide support network, which helps more than 500 customers and operators to get the best out of the more than 7,500 aircraft that they are flying today. The also benefit from services tailored to the needs of smaller business jet operators, such as a dedicated focal point for support called C4you.

Part of the world’s most modern aircraft family, Airbus corporate jets are flying on every continent, including Antarctica, highlighting their versatility. Airbus aircraft are designed to make many flights a day, which gives them inherently excellent reliability.

Airbus has sold over 170 corporate jets to date, and has aircraft that suit every need in capacity and range, enabling customers to have the comfort that they want in the size that they need

1) Asian Business aviation conference and exhibition, Shanghai, from 15th to 17th April

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