An automotive supplier, focused on fluid transfer and mechanisms, MGI COUTIER applies for new patents each year and supports innovation in the automotive industry. In this context, Magic Wash® brings many benefits due to a new approach in this system.

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Awarded at the « Palmarès des inventeurs » a ceremony by the PSA group to the dedication of innovation, this system will be implemented in 2014 on one of the OEM’s new models.

Initiated in order to improve the comfort and safety of the driver by providing better visibility during washing, Magic Wash® is also a « clean technology » designed to reduce washing liquid consumption and to minimise the emissions of the vehicle.


The main feature of this innovation is the integration of the nozzle directly onto the wiper blade. This position ensures that during the washing cycle, no wiper trace is visible on the screen due to the benefit of reduced wiper blade action, coupled with a reduction of washer fluid consumption by up to 50%. The liquid stream covers the entire length of the blade allowing it to deposit an almost invisible thin layer of liquid onto the surface for washing. This technology allows greater visibility for the driver during the washing cycle, whilst reducing the spray effect on other road users which tends to occur with a conventional system.


The precision of the jet prevents the loss of liquid into the air. Indeed, to achieve the same efficiency, the liquid tank can be reduced significantly, providing a weight reduction of 1.5kg to 2kg on the vehicle. Therefore, a proportional reduction in CO² emissions due to reduced fuel consumption is achieved.

This nozzle on the wiper is a real solution for environmental protection.

Research into the quality, reliability and competitiveness is the key to innovation in the MGI Coutier Group. Each year the Group invests 5% of its turnover into research & development. For the past 10 years, the Group has applied for approximately 20 patents per year.

Automotive supplier, MGI Coutier operates in two product ranges:
fluid transfer & mechanisms
A group of 8,000 employees around the world

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