SONnovo™ builds on Symena success to deliver key component in LTE SON functionality

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28 January 2010, VIENNA, Austria.  Symena, the leading supplier of automatic cell planning (ACP) tools for LTE and other radio technologies, launched SONnovo™ its SON configuration server today.  SONnovo™ calculates and delivers the best configuration of radio parameters within the self organising network (SON) framework for LTE.  SONnovo™ is a scalable, enterprise strength component of SON.  It builds on Symena’s wide, field proven LTE design expertise.

“Through our acknowledged success in the LTE market with Capesso™, Symena has built up considerable knowledge on the automatic configuration of LTE networks,” said Dr Martin Toeltsch, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Symena.  “SONnovo™ scales up that knowledge so that it becomes a key component of the self organising network features of LTE.  We are combining robust, scalable software with the appropriate high power hardware to deliver the ‘organising’ part of SON.”

Key components of SONnovo™ will be demonstrated at Symena’s stand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from 15 to 18 February 2010.

Symena is working with several customers in making SON a reality.

About Symena
Symena’s Capesso™ range of automatic cell planning and other tools deliver significantly improved coverage, quality and capacity with reduced expenditure.  This promise depends on Symena’s leading edge knowledge of the latest standards and technologies combined with deep and extensively tested automatic cell planning expertise.

Mr Christopher Millhouse,
Dr Thomas Neubauer,

SYMENA Software & Consulting GmbH
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 24/15, A-1040 Vienna, AUSTRIA
+43 1 585 51 010

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