Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced GS-9000 Assisted GPS (A-GPS) Design Verification Test systems designed around the 8960 wireless communications test set's new A-GPS assistance data messaging test capabilities. The capabilities support A-GPS validation, Total Isotropic Sensitivity testing and A-GPS pre-conformance testing for mobile devices. With this introduction, Agilent's 8960 test set offers the industry's best price/performance one-box tester for use in A-GPS base station emulation applications across the entire R&D lifecycle.

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A-GPS is an enhanced position-location method that uses precise positioning assistance data obtained from base stations constantly monitoring GPS satellites to enable faster position location. With assistance data, the mobile device is able to determine and report back to the network its exact location within seconds, rather than several minutes, as is typical with unassisted GPS techniques. As service providers move to implement A-GPS in their networks and A-GPS-capable devices are introduced into the marketplace, testing is required to demonstrate that A-GPS operation poses no interference to cellular services.

Agilent's 8960 test set addresses this requirement by acting as a base station with an A-GPS message pipe for sending A-GPS assistance data messaging to and from the wireless device or phone under test. The phone acknowledges receipt of the data and performs location calculations, returning its location information to the 8960 test set through the appropriate UMTS or cdma2000® technology-dependent protocol messaging. This functionality makes the 8960 an ideal system component for Agilent's GS-9000 A-GPS Design Verification Test systems and for use in Total Isotropic Sensitivity testing solutions by industry-leading antenna measurement system providers such as Satimo and ETS-Lindgren. These chamber test solutions support the A-GPS test requirements specified by Version 3.0 of CTIA's Test Plan for Mobile Station Over the Air Performance.

Agilent's GS-9000 A-GPS Design Verification Test systems include both hardware and software for testing a device's A-GPS capabilities in a conducted environment. The hardware includes an 8960 test set and an E4438C vector signal generator to emulate GPS satellites. The GS-9000 family of test systems includes design verification solutions for pre-conformance test and a more compact bench top functional test solution, the GS-9000 Lite. Both test systems are based on test cases defined in 3GPP technical specifications 51.010 and 34.171. GS-9000 Lite enables A-GPS functional test, including assistance data, protocol message encoding and decoding, and position location calculations. The GS-9000 pre-conformance test system provides all the features of the GS-9000 Lite, while adding SUPL server support and fading. Standardized GPS scenarios with customization options are also added to allow wireless R&D engineers to more accurately and easily emulate A-GPS operation in a real network.

"The 8960 test set with A-GPS assistance data messaging is the cornerstone of Agilent's A-GPS GS-9000 design verification test solutions for mobile devices," said Niels Faché, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Mobile Broadband Division. "It is the industry's leading one-box tester offering A-GPS functional test and A-GPS base station emulation assistance data messaging for use across R&D. These test capabilities are crucial to moving A-GPS technology forward and ensuring successful delivery of A-GPS enabled mobile devices to market."

The Agilent 8960 test set can be used for wireless device development, manufacturing and repair of all major 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 3.5G wireless technologies. It provides test solutions for mobile devices across the entire life cycle on a single platform. Using a consistent test engine across the design process reduces development time by streamlining test programs, instrument support and training and enhancing fast problem resolution.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

The Agilent GS-9000 A-GPS design verification test systems are available now through Agilent's direct sales channels. Pricing is dependent on system configuration. More information on the GS-9000 systems is available at For more information on Total Isotropic Sensitivity testing with Agilent's 8960 and the 8960 portfolio of A-GPS test solutions, go to For additional information on the chamber test solutions from Satimo and ETS-Lindgren, go to and, respectively. A photo of the 8960 test set with A-GPS assistance data messaging capability is available at

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