US$20 Million Investment in Trony Aims to Accelerate Renewable Energy Generation and Drive China's Sustainable Development

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BEIJING, Oct. 28, 2008 -- Intel Capital, Intel's global investment organization, announced today three new investments in China. This includes a new US$20 million investment in Trony Solar Holdings Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese thin-film solar energy and solution provider. Intel Capital also signed an agreement, subject to various closing conditions, to invest in NP Holdings Limited (NPH), a technology company focused on massive electricity storage systems. These are Intel Capital's first two cleantech investments in China and are intended to accelerate local green innovation and new ways to reduce dependency on carbon-based energy generation.

Intel Capital also signed an agreement to invest in Viewhigh, a leading software product and service provider for China's healthcare industry. Viewhigh focuses on healthcare business management, ranging from hospital operation and management to government supervision and financial management of healthcare institutions.

NPH is a cleantech company focused on electricity storage systems for renewable energy and energy efficiency. NPH strives to take the lead in the energy and environmental protection movement in China.

"These investments demonstrate Intel Capital's ongoing commitment to investing around the globe and its strategic focus on cleantech," said Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel Capital and executive vice president of Intel. "Clean technologies are transforming our world and the landscape of entrepreneurship."

Trony plans to use its funding, including the $20 million from Intel Capital, to enhance its production capacity to 105 megawatts,, to serve a broad base of customers, and strengthen its research and development capabilities. With growing R&D capacities, advanced application of innovative technologies, and low-cost volume manufacturing in Shenzhen, Trony now offers a diverse range of competitive products and solutions for various energy-related applications, such as solar farms in the utility industry and building materials for the construction industry.

"Intel Capital's investment will enable us to expand our leading position in the thin-film solar industry," said Li Yi, Chairman and CEO, Trony Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. "The expertise and network resources of Intel Capital consolidate our confidence to further advance in the energy sector."

"China's renewable energy industry is experiencing rapid development," said Cadol Cheung, managing director of Intel Capital Asia Pacific. "We believe these investments will be a catalyst to drive local cleantech innovation and help China toward the transition to a more sustainable energy system as well as economic growth."

Intel Capital is continuously looking for local start-ups and companies with strong potential for future growth. Over the past 10 years, Intel Capital has invested in more than 80 companies across mainland China and Hong Kong. Nearly 30 Chinese companies have received investments from Intel Capital's first US$200 million Intel Capital China Technology Fund. Intel established a US$500 million Intel Capital China Technology Fund II in April 2008. This fund aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship while elevating the technology capabilities and global competitiveness of Chinese companies.

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Additional information about Intel is available at

About Intel Capital
Intel Capital, Intel's global investment organization, makes equity investments in innovative technology start-ups and companies worldwide. Intel Capital invests in a broad range of companies offering hardware, software, and services targeting enterprise, home, mobility, health, consumer Internet, semiconductor manufacturing and cleantech. Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested more than US$7.5 billion in approximately 1,000 companies in 45 countries. In that timeframe, 168 portfolio companies have gone public on various exchanges around the world and 212 were acquired or participated in a merger. In 2007, Intel Capital invested about US$639 million in 166 deals with approximately 37 percent of funds invested outside the United States. For more information on Intel Capital and its differentiated advantages, visit

About Trony
Founded in 1993, Trony is a Shenzhen (China) based leading thin-film photovoltaic (PV) product manufacturer and solar-related total solution and service provider. Trony currently has over 600 employees and has the free, exclusive and indefinite rights to use over 100 technology patents. Trony is honored to serve as Director Company of Subcommittee of Solar Photovoltaic Insulating Glass Standardization of China, and occupies 5 seats in the 22 member committee. The company has also been selected as a project launching company included in China Housing and Urban Construction 2008 Science and Technology Project, with an industrial target of achieving 1,000MW of thin-film PV production capacity and 200 million square meters of amorphous silicon (A-Si) based curtain walls. Trony's main products include amorphous silicon (A-Si) PV power generation systems, A-Si solar curtain walls, A-Si solar cells, and other related solar products. With 40,000 square meters of manufacturing space at Shenzhen, Trony has a production capacity of 35 MW currently and is expected to expand to 105 MW in early 2009. For more information on Trony, please visit

About NP Holdings Limited
NP Holdings Limited (NPH) is a technology company dedicated in research and development of massive electric energy storage equipment. Compared with the products domestic or abroad, NPH significantly reduces the cost through utilizing local supply chains and R&D resources in China. NPH owns multiple intellectual property rights. Applications developed by NPH in electric energy storage technology include: peak shaving, time shifting; load leveling, infrastructure upgrade deferral, distribution generation; back-up power; remote area power systems; energy efficiency management and electric vehicle battery. For more information about NPH, please visit

About Viewhigh Technologies Ltd.
Viewhigh Technologies Ltd. is a leading software product and service provider dedicated to the healthcare industry in China. It has developed applications in healthcare business management including business planning and control for healthcare organizations, hospital operation and management, government supervision, and financial management. Viewhigh Technologies Ltd. has developed solutions for regional public healthcare information system, community healthcare service, emergency handling, as well as nationwide healthcare-related policy and regulations. It develops software products for the healthcare industry, and provides high quality, cost effective services for its clients. For more information about Viewhigh Technologies Ltd., please visit

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