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Peter Heinacher to head Energy Policy department
To maintain the focus on sustainable growth, RWE is driving forward the centralisation of key Group functions. This reorganisation will mean additional tasks being taken on by the departments involved. For this reason, further personnel decisions have been made.

The areas of “Corporate Development” and “Mergers & Acquisitions”, previously combined in one department, have now been separated. As of 7 April 2008, Dr. Leonhard Birnbaum (40) will become head of the new Corporate Development department. In view of planned company growth, which involves acquisitions, “Mergers & Acquisitions” will become increasingly important. Andreas Zetzsche (52) will continue to head this department.

After completing his doctorate, Leonhard Birnbaum joined the McKinsey & Company management consulting firm in 1996 as a consultant focusing on energy and energy-intensive primary industries. Following several years spent working in Duesseldorf and Houston, Texas, he was named partner (principal) in 2000 and senior partner (director) in June 2006. As director, he is a member of McKinsey’s management team for the European energy sector.

The areas of “Communications” and “Public Affairs” are also to be separated. On 15 February 2008, Dr. Peter Heinacher (51) joined RWE as head of the new department of Energy Policy. Volker Heck (42) will continue in his role as head of Communications.

Peter Heinacher was previously director of the central unit “Government Relations and Regulatory Strategy” at Deutsche Telekom and took over as head of Group-wide Corporate Responsibility strategy. Important political changes took place during his tenure, including an amendment to the Tele-communications Act, the review of the European regulatory framework and the revision of the pension law. Peter Heinacher has good contacts in Berlin and Brussels. Before joining Deutsche Telekom, he held an executive position at the German “Handelsblatt” business newspaper.

“The centralisation of key functions in the Group lays the foundation for RWE to continue on its growth track with renewed vigour and unity”, commented Dr. Juergen Grossmann, CEO of RWE AG. “We are delighted to have found in Leonhard Birnbaum and Peter Heinacher experienced executives to take on the tasks at hand.”

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