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Thales has a played a significant role in upgrading this aircraft and is responsible for supplying and integrating the following equipment:
o RDY-2 multi-mode nose-mounted radar,
o Mission recording system,
o Integrated Multi-display System for the cockpit,
o Reconnaissance pod,
o Laser Designation Pod (Shehab) and FLIR (Nahar)
o Integrated counter measures suite IMEWS and relevant mission preparation and debriefing systems.
François Quentin, Thales Senior Vice President in charge of the Aerospace business, says: "We are very proud to have successfully participated in this programme. We have contributed, thanks to the AFAD, to making this aircraft one of the most high performance of its generation worldwide. We will continue to support our client throughout the operational life of the Mirage 2000-9 and for all future upgrade developments they wish to bring to this outstanding combat platform."
Thales used its unique expertise to provide a solution for the upgrade programme for the United Arab Emirates Mirage 2000-9, which includes 32 new aircraft M2000-9 and 30 M2000 aircraft retrofitted to - 9 standard.

Thales can offer full modernization and upgrade solutions for various types of combat, advanced training, mission aircraft and helicopters. It can supply complete mission electronics packages for fighters, especially fire control radars, electronic warfare and navigation /attack system computers, optronics, cockpit display systems, helmet mounted sight, electrical power generation, missile electronics, communications, radio-navigation and identification systems. Thales holds a unique experience in combat systems retrofit: leveraging the systems developed for the latest generation of fighter aircraft such as the Mirage 2000 and Rafale.

Thales is exhibiting at the Dubai Air Show on stand C124.

About Thales
Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group, addressing defence, aerospace and security markets worldwide. Thales's leading-edge technology is supported by 22 000 R&D engineers who offer a capability unmatched in Europe to develop and deploy field-proven mission-critical information systems. To this end, the group's civil and military businesses develop in parallel and share a common base of technologies to serve a single objective: the security of people, property and
nations. The group builds its growth on its unique multi-domestic strategy based on trusted partnerships with national customers and market players, while leveraging its global expertise to support local technology and industrial development. Thales employs 68,000 people in 50 countries with forecast 2007 revenues in excess of € 12 billion.

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