Designer and manufacturer of paper machines and paper making equipment, ALLIMAND continuously develops its activities on the Indian market. The two most recent orders concern 2 paper machines for the Indian group ITC Bacrachalam.

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ITC Badrachalam group is a major industrial group in India and more particularly in the paper industry. ITC group owns several production sites and among them is the TRIBENI site close to Kolkata in the north eastern part of India. TRIBENI production site is dedicated to thin printing papers.

The two ITC orders to ALLIMAND concern TRIBENI PM1 and PM3 rebuilds. After being rebuilt, PM3 production will restart at the end of January 2008 and PM1 at the end of March 2008.

ALLIMAND PM1 rebuild will deal with (3200 mm wire width):

Upgrade of stock preparation and approach system including the supply of new ALLIMAND refiners and new cleaning and screening systems.
Paper machine rebuild includes:
A new ALLIMAND SFP headbox,
Fourdrinier extension and upgrade including a dandy roll,
Press section rebuilt,
A new reel.
ALLIMAND PM3 rebuild will deal about (4700 mm wire width):

Paper machine rebuild includes:
A new ALLIMAND SFP headbox,
A new ISA inertial shaking unit (one of ALLIMAND’s most recent innovations),
Fourdrinier upgrade,
Press section rebuild.
PM1 and PM3 rebuilds target both production increase and quality improvement to meet international market standards.


About d'Allimand

Created in 1850 ALLIMAND designs, manufactures and ensures the maintenance of paper machines aimed at the global paper industry. The group is recognized as the world leader in technical paper machines.

With a strong presence in Europe among large paper industry groups, ALLIMAND is also very active abroad via a network of about twenty agents. Almost 80 machines have been installed throughout the world since 1950 notably in Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, China, the United States, Turkey, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Russia, Jordan, India, etc…

The ALLIMAND Group is ISO 9001 certified version 2000.
In 2006, ALLIMAND’s sales exceeded €40 million with 60% exported and had more than 250 employees between the Rives and Angoulême plants.


ACTUS - Bureaux de Chalin - 20, chemin Louis Chirpaz - 69130 Ecully
Amalia Naveira : Tél : + 33 (0)4 72 18 04 97 - Email :

BP 21 - 38146 RIVES CEDEX - France
Tél : +33 4 76 91 25 00 - Fax : +33 4 76 91 07 76 - Web :

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