Today the Thales led Sterling team, which includes The Boeing Company as a key member, submitted its bid for the MoD’s Military Flying Training System (UK MFTS).  The 25 year programme, which could be worth around £10bn, will provide aircrew training for forces personnel from entry into service until conversion to operational squadrons with the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and the Army.

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The new flying training system will deliver qualified aircrew for the armed forces in 20 disciplines, including fast-jet pilots, Naval Observers, and Weapons Systems Operators (WSO), rotary wing pilots and rear crews, multi-engine pilots and rear crews.

The successful consortium will be selected in 2006 to partner the MoD in acquiring, implementing and delivering the new system in accordance with the MoD’s incremental acquisition strategy. The training system partner will be fully integrated into the MoD to jointly manage and deliver flying training for 25 years.

Thales and Boeing collectively train more UK military aircrew than any other company, with a large training footprint across the UK.  Sterling therefore has a thorough understanding of customer requirements for UK military aviation training.  Moreover, this training footprint is managed under the Private Finance Initiative, so Sterling has experience in delivery of training output and associated risk management.

Alex Dorrian, CEO Thales UK said, “MFTS is a programme that goes to the heart of Thales UK’s strengths in training and service provision; we know what the customer wants and how to deliver it.  Boeing’s role on our team helps to strengthen our offering.  Sterling’s number one aim is to help the armed forces improve the quality and quantity of training output.  That is the top priority, however we believe that this can be done while improving value for money for the taxpayer and transferring risk to the private sector.”

Press contacts:

Markus Leutert
Tel : + 33 (0) 1 57 77 8626                                                

Thales UK
Guy Douglas
Tel: +44 (0) 1932 824832

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