On behalf of the Bouygues group, Martin Bouygues, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, has signed the Manifesto for the occupational integration of people with disabilities. At the initiative of the French government and Salon du handicap, this charter of operational commitments aims to ensure better integration for people with disabilities into the world of work.

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In the presence of Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister for People with Disabilities, Philippe Cuenot, Director of HR Innovation and Labour relations development for the Bouygues group, represented the Group.

The objectives of this initiative include, as a priority, to get companies to pledge to a number of priority areas that promote the occupational integration of people with disabilities, such as: to develop and nurture links between schools and companies, to help young people, through internships and apprenticeships, to clarify their career goals, to raise awareness of disability among employees, to develop a managerial culture of diversity, to commit to responsible purchasing and to forge links with sheltered workshops and disability-friendly companies.

The occupational integration of people with disabilities is a priority for the Bouygues group, which carries out initiatives around four themes:

· Recruitment through forums, not-for-profits and specialized recruitment agencies;

· Keeping people with disabilities in the workplace through the adaptation of premises, workstations and equipment and by promoting their career development;

· Awareness-raising and communication campaigns to encourage employees and managers to change their view of disability;

· Subcontracting to the sheltered and disability-friendly sectors using the services of specialised companies

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