The premium video content packages of editorial stories, audio, and media, are now available for AP Video Hub customers and will soon be rolled out on other digital platforms

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New York, Nov. 14, 2018 -- Wibbitz and Rivet Smart Audio, two leading innovators in multimedia content creation and distribution, today announced a collaboration to produce daily news content combining text, video and audio in compelling new formats for digital display.

The collaboration will leverage the Wibbitz automated video creation platform and Rivet’s audio production capabilities to provide up-to-the-minute news stories for multipurpose use across a full range of personal devices, smart screens and public display venues. Source content for the new offering will come from The Associated Press.

The video content packages are unique in their multifunctional design, combining still images with an optional layer of text and a tightly integrated audio track. By layering the premium media assets into a single enhanced package, Wibbitz and Rivet will give publishers maximum flexibility to deploy the content across a wide range of platforms for watching, listening and reading.

The new multimedia packages will be introduced first on AP’s Video Hub marketplace, a state-of-the-art online delivery platform that provides video content to the world’s leading digital publishers, news portals and broadcasters. Wibbitz and Rivet also plan to expand the rollout to other syndication channels, digital media companies and out-of-home consumer-facing platforms.

John MacLeod, Rivet’s Founder and CEO elaborates, “We start with great audio stories and, working with AP’s media assets and the Wibbitz video creation platform, we’re able to quickly produce multimedia content that can be watched on social media, programmed on broadcast television, streamed to smart TVs or consumed as a podcast. We see this partnership as a game-changer, increasing the value and reach of our content.”

“As the nature of storytelling is multidimensional, today’s journalism has gone far beyond a single medium,” added Zohar Dayan, CEO and Co-founder of Wibbitz. “Consumers not only want to read a story, but also hear, see, engage and share it. Our goal is to equip publishers with content and tools they can leverage to tell compelling, well-rounded stories, and to make it easier than ever for content creators to customize the story for all types of media and platforms.”

“It’s exciting to see innovators like Wibbitz and Rivet collaborate and add value to our content,” said Jim Kennedy, Senior Vice President for Strategy at AP. “This new format is a triple threat because it can engage consumers with sights, sounds and words.”

Examples of the Wibbitz-Rivet-AP content can be viewed on Rivet’s website. Customers of AP can find the new content on the Rivet Smart Audio partner page of AP Video Hub.

About Wibbitz
Wibbitz is an automated video creation platform that empowers professional storytellers at the world’s leading publishers, brands, and agencies. The platform leverages patented AI technology to simplify video production processes, helping content creators quickly and easily produce beautiful videos for every platform and channel. Creators have access to personalized video templates, intuitive editing tools, a team of in-house experts, and millions of licensed photos, videos, and soundtracks to ensure that each video captures their unique brand voice. Wibbitz supports video creation for over 600 partners, including Bloomberg, The Weather Channel, Forbes, A&E, TripAdvisor, and Birchbox. Wibbitz was founded in 2011 and has offices in New York City, Tel Aviv, Paris, and London. For more information, visit and follow @wibbitz.

About Rivet Smart Audio
Rivet Smart Audio offers fully produced multimedia news stories (video, audio and text) across multiple categories and geographical regions. Content is created by AP, Murrow and Lisagor Award-winning journalists who meld audio storytelling with images and video from the AP and other sources.

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