Jean-François Guillemin, currently General Counsel of the Bouygues group, was appointed Chairman of the Francis Bouygues Foundation on 24 October 2017. He succeeds Philippe Montagner, who had chaired the Foundation since its creation. Jean-François Guillemin joined the Bouygues group in July 1986 and has been General Counsel of the Group since March 1998.

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Founded by Martin Bouygues in 2005 to promote equal opportunity for all, the Francis Bouygues Foundation supports motivated and deserving school leavers from low-income families so that they can pursue long-term studies and fulfil their ambitious career goals. Each year, the Francis Bouygues Foundation hands out around 60 grants, renewed each year until the recipient obtains a higher education diploma.

To support these young students, the Foundation also provides them with a mentor, who is a Bouygues group employee or a former grant-holder. Since its inception, the Foundation has helped 729 talented young people to complete their studies in higher education.

At the ceremony, Martin Bouygues thanked Philippe Montagner for his commitment over so many years and congratulated Jean-François Guillemin on his new role as Chairman of the Foundation.

"I thank Philippe Montagner most warmly for his watchful and benevolent eye and
for all he has done to serve the Foundation and its aims. I am proud that the Foundation has supported so many young people over the last 13 years and am certain that
Jean-François Guillemin will take up the cause with just as much commitment and passion. The Foundation is turning a page, but its initial aim of promoting equal opportunity for all remains unchanged. Jean-François Guillemin and the Foundation's mentors will be there to support the grant-holders in this exciting human adventure!"

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